Understanding the Symptoms of Teen Bipolar Disorder

Behavioral experts warn about the difficulties in diagnosing bipolar disorder in teens and young adults.  It can be such a problem in fact, that letting the disorder go unrecognized can lead to serious complications, including death.  Since teenage years can be frustrating already, understanding the symptoms of teen bipolar disorder will give you the confidence you need to keep your child safe.  Parent and teacher intervention in a bipolar case has been known to save lives by getting the teen the treatment they need to overcome this condition.  First you must recognize the symptoms.

While you have a good idea of the temperament and personality of your teenager, you may be surprised when they begin to act out of character.  This may be hard to identify, since acting out of character is a normal teenage behavior; however, you will find that these behaviors are more extreme.  Extreme depression involves dropping out of school activities, isolating themselves from best friends, and sleeping more than usual.  You may notice a change in eating habits as well.

After a few days, a week or even months of this depressive behavior, your teenager may start to exhibit signs of mania.  This entails hyperactivity, excessive talking, and trouble sleeping.  Your teenager may have trouble making rational decisions and take risks that they may not have before.

After identifying these symptoms of teen bipolar disorder in your teen, it is vital that you contact a health care professional in order to get your teen the help they need.

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