The Uplifting Stories Of Teens That Live With Bipolar Disorder

There is no shortage of inspiring stories of teen bipolar disorder; individuals with bipolar often have above average intelligence and creativity. While being diagnosed as bipolar can be traumatic experience for teens, it is actually an ideal time for diagnosis. Bipolar disorder often presents itself in the late teen or early adult years, when individuals have usually left home and are out on their own. Teens with bipolar often have the advantage of living with a loving family that provides vital support and structure, something that greatly enhances their ability to live happy and healthy lives.

Bipolar disorder is thought have a disproportionate presence amongst high powered executives, artists, musicians, writers, and other unique individuals. While there is no definitive proof that a link exists between bipolar disorder and intelligence and creativity, study after study supports this possibility. While it can be extremely harmful, the manic energy common to bipolar is a powerful phenomenon that can fuel incredible achievements. Individuals with bipolar often fear that medication and other treatments will dull their creativity and uniqueness. The truth of the matter is that bipolar treatment typically allows individuals to maintain their personality and gifts without having to suffer from their disorder.

The stories of teen bipolar disorder often have a happy ending. This is a highly treatable condition, one that people can comfortably manage throughout their lives. With proper treatment, a bipolar teen is no different than any other teen; they likely have a very bright future ahead—perhaps even brighter than the rest.

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