Support for Teens With Bipolar Disorder

The diagnosis of bipolar disorder in a teenager can be devastating news to parents and extended family members, let alone the teen himself. For the sake of the teenager and the whole family, securing education and ensuring the proper teen bipolar support is a must. There is no cure for bipolar disorder but there are options for treatment and emotional support.

Ask your doctor about medications

There are numerous medications designed to help people manage bipolar disorder. Unfortunately, there is no clear-cut “best” medication for any person, teenage or adult as everyone reacts differently to a given medication. Similarly, there are different types of bipolar disorder and that, coupled with an individual’s own body chemistry, makes the prescribing of medication for bipolar complex. Doctors are well versed in these challenges and parents should work closely with them to identify which medication delivers the best results.

The importance of therapy

Therapy for teens with bipolar can be an effective component to an overall treatment approach. It can also be useful for other family members to help them process their experiences and learn ways to help manage bipolar disorder in the home. There are different types of therapy but all are intended to create behavior changes for the better.

Help is there

While the path of living with a bipolar teen may not always be a smooth road, there is a wealth of teen bipolar support available. Working closely with providers can help bipolar teens and their families navigate these challenging times.

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