Signs Your Daughter is Bipolar

If your daughter seems to be experiencing mood swings that are more extreme than the average teenage girl, then there is a chance that she is bipolar. Bipolar disorder is a condition in which the person experiences extreme mood swings, both happy and sad. These mood swings are so serious they can lead do suicide, or to risks that lead to accidental death. Because of this, it is important that girls with bipolar disorder are treated right away to prevent serious consequences.

Almost every teenage girl goes through a stage of having some dramatic mood swings. However, in the average teenager, this will not lead to thoughts of suicide. A girl with bipolar disorder may have times where she does not even feel like getting out of bed, or she may not take interest in the things she normally would. When she is not in these depression stages, she may be unusually hyper or silly. She may talk a lot without having much of a filter. Your daughter may want to go out and have fun, and may even want to participate in activities that are dangerous, just for the thrill. They may be more promiscuous, and they can get themselves into real trouble. As you can see, both the depression and the manic stages can have serious consequences. Because of this, girls with bipolar disorder need to see a doctor to see which treatments should be pursued.

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