Finding the Right Treatment for a Bipolar Teenager

Having a child that suffers from mental illness can be overwhelming and at times can seem as though there is no hope. Parents, family members, and friends can all be affected by a teenager who is bipolar, so getting the proper teen bipolar treatment is essential not just for the effected teenager, but to all those who are involved.

Going through the teenage years, many kids experience a roller coaster of emotions. Some teenagers, however, experience extremes in emotions that go beyond typical teenage behavior. These extreme emotional states, sometimes called “mood episodes” can include overly happy or excited moods that are usually referred to manic states as well as equally intense depressions. While most teens experience mood swings at one time or another, when the swings seem to completely change the personality of the teenager, bipolar disorder may be affecting the child.

Treating bipolar disorder in teens and adults will not cure the illness, but can be affective in managing the emotional state of the affected individual. The first step in treating bipolar teens is to have them diagnosed. A visit to a therapist or psychologist can help pinpoint exactly what may be wrong and is a stepping stone towards finding the best treatment for the teen.

Many doctors use medication, psychotherapy, or a combination of both in order to treat bipolar disorder. Psychotherapy involves talking with a licensed professional and can help both children and teenagers with bipolar disorder better manage their behaviors. Routine is often essential to managing bipolar symptoms and talking with a doctor can help teens come up with a routine that works best for them. Teens who suffer from bipolar disorder often have a hard time getting along with other people, so therapy that includes family members can also be helpful in gaining understanding between all involved parties.

Teenagers with bipolar disorder often respond to medication differently that adults, so doctors who prescribe medication often work closely with their patients to figure out the best dosing and medications to manage the disease. Teens usually need a much lower dosage of their medications, so many doctors begin giving the smallest doses possible and increasing only if needed. The immediate stopping of medication can make bipolar symptoms increase, so making sure that the teenager is always taking the correct amounts at the correct times can ensure their safety.

Teen bipolar treatment is necessary to get the illness under control. Managing bipolar disorder can ensure that the affected teen is able to live their life as normally as possible and is able to avoid slipping into negative lifestyles choices.

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