Critical Signs of Teen Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is marked by a significant change in disposition from a hyper period of mania, to a depressive state.  This condition does not discriminate when it comes to age, gender, or socioeconomic class.  Although it is a dangerous disorder because it can lead to suicide, it can be more hazardous in teenagers.  Dealing with the constantly shifting emotions along with the normal hormonal changes can be extremely hard on a developing teen.  It is important that parents and teachers keep their eyes open for teen bipolar signs in order to catch the disorder before it is too late.

Since bipolar disorder contains both manic and depressive episodes, each state will carry with it different signs to watch for.  Both states are accompanied by sleeping problems, and shifting habits in eating.  During the mania stage, the teen may exhibit an overly joyful mood that may be uncharacteristic of your child.  This silliness may turn to a significantly short temper and an unusually irritable mood rather quickly.  The individual will have trouble sleeping, concentrating, or completing projects.  You may see them engaging in several activities at once, or thinking about several things at once.  Teens with mania often have trouble turning off their thoughts.

An adolescent who is stuck in a depressive state may complain about physical issues more often, such as muscle aches, stomach pains, or headaches.  The depressed teen will have a total lack of energy, sleeping issues, and may even have thoughts of suicide.  Not only will they lose interest in hobbies that they once enjoyed, but they will isolate themselves from family and friends.

It may be hard to parents or teachers to notice these teen bipolar signs in an average teenager, as some of these signs are displayed by average teenagers.  It is when you experience extreme cases of highs and lows that you may want to seek help.  Keep in mind that it is better to ask for help at the slightest signs than to have your child’s bipolar disorder go untreated.

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